What my Yoga Teaching Journey has taught ME...so far

I've now been teaching yoga for half a year so thought I'd take a moment to look over the past 6 months and it occurred to me how much I've actually taught myself in the process of teaching others.

1. To believe in myself

Standing at the front of a class, all eyes and ears on me. They've all took time out of their lives to come and be a part of MY class. 
I'm not only taking their time but their money too - it's down to me to make it worth it!

My first class I was super nervous. I was covering for an actual yoga teacher and could feel the pressure. I was one month in to my teacher training, who was I to tell others how to do yoga???

Thoughts during my first class

"Why am I so scared, why am I not calm... I'm not zen enough to be a yoga teacher!"

"Oh wow I've done everything I've planned and I've still got half an hour left!!"

"Have I said that word too many times??"

"Why is she not smiling, is she not enjoying my class?"

"Can they tell I haven't done this before?"

"I hope I'm making sense."

"Can I do savasana yet??"

However, the class ended, I got amazing feedback (that I struggled to take in), I had this amazing feeling inside and I LOVED IT. I wanted to do this allllll the time.

Comparing that to how I feel now when I teach, it's completely changed. My confidence has grown massively. I still get nervous but I love that feeling. It's what makes you feel alive and adds to that wonderful feeling post class! 

2. Do what you love, love what you do.

There's a lot to be said about doing a job you love. In the past I've had jobs that gave me money but drained me mentally and physically.
I remember last year, I'd sit at my desk in the estate agents, I'd look at this picture daily. 

(No offence to other estate agents out there, it just wasn't my thing, it didn't make me want to spring out of bed on a morning... whereas yoga does.) 

And now, I actually #yogaeverydamnday and I love it. Constantly growing and progressing, mentally, physically and spiritually. Now, what could be better than that as a full time job?

3. A greater depth of Gratitude

There's so much to be grateful for, every single day.

  • People turning up to my classes on a weekly basis - THANK YOU (you know who you are)
  • The amazing support in the yoga community 
  • Yoga teachers giving you a chance to grow, giving you support where you need it.
  • People recommending your classes/teaching
  • Compliments on teaching.... even if I do struggle to accept it I'm still very grateful for the kind words. 
  • Constantly getting the opportunity to progress.

4. Don't take things personally

I've had classes where only one person has turned up. It can be demoralising... but only if you let it. Everyone's out there living their own separate lives, you have no idea what they have going on, what they need to do or when they simply just need a rest. And that's okay. 

And finally...


...but to be honest we already knew that didn't we? 

Any other yoga teachers want to share what you've learnt by teaching?


Lucy Steel

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