The Mind Diet - Rid your mind from the junk in every day life.

We take so much interest into healthy eating and taking care of our bodies but we don't seem to take a moment to consider what we feed our brains do we? We think a lot about our physical health and improving it but when it comes to mental health we don't have the same outlook. Maybe that's down to it being easier to see when someone's physically unfit rather than mentally unfit? Maybe we just don't realise that we need to take care of our mind just as much as we do of our body.
To improve our physical and not our mental wellbeing, in my opinion, has no drastic effect. But improving both has a life changing effect. When you're healthy, you're happy, and vice versa.

Junk Food
No matter what we do or where we are, we're surrounded by society's ideas of what we need to be, do, look like, eat. In short, we're fed information daily, mostly by businesses who simply want to make money out of  'the best' way to live our own lives. In a way yes I suppose it could be argued that this post is me telling you how to live your life, but I'd like to think of it as me giving you ways to improve your quality of life or just simply things to think about. The difference is, I'm not the one saying that this new materialistic item is going to change your life. The only thing that will is yourself and you already have that therefore there's nothing you need buy that will get you to where you need to be.
Unfortunately, naturally we follow what other people do these days...
We follow the latest trend.
We rely on material items for happiness.
We need the latest piece of technology.
We watch endless television.
Spend lose hours on social media.
We feed our brains with trash. The equivalent of junk food.

We need to begin to nourish our mind and soul as well as our bodies. Yes it's important to watch your actual diet but all you need is to be healthy and to be healthy all you need to follow is a balanced diet, not some crazy, extreme no carbs/no fat diet. The word itself 'diet' has massivly negative connotations in this era. We hear people say "I'm going on a diet" and it's normally followed by "I'm going to lose weight." And yes, some people who are overwight do need to lose a bit to be healthy, but why do the rest of us want to lose weight?! What we need to lose is the idea that we need to physically look a certain way. Which brings me on to society...You need to learn that whatever shape or size you are is okay and you won't find that by following 'skinny inspo' instagram pages, you'll find that by feeding your brain with the good stuff. The wholesome foods, if you like.

Nourish your brain

  • Meditate
  • Be non-judgemental towards, people, thoughts, experiences, everything!
  • Spend time with friends WITHOUT social media, just talk. (But not talking about what so and so posted on Instagram last night)
  • Take walks amongst nature, appreciate the simple beauty in the world. (This by itself can make such a difference.)
  • Read more personal development books (I have a post on my top 5)
  • Yoga
  • Learn new skills, keep your brain active
  • Be more positive
  • Keep a journal, keep track of what makes you happy and what doesn't help you grow
  • Switch all electrical goods off at least an hour before you sleep to give you time to wind down and focus on you
  • Do what excites you
  • Tidy - Tidy surroundings, tidy mind.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Keep active
  • Treat yourself 
  • Don't beat yourself up

Lucy Steel

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