5 Benefits of Beach Yoga

Although, here in the North East of England, it's never really that warm at the beach I just can't seem to get enough of heading down and doing some poses then going for a coffee to warm up and reflect.

Wearing Dharma Bums Y-Power Sports Bra and Alo yoga white airbrush leggings. Both Available from Yoga Rebel

The crash of the waves,
grains of sand between my toes,
fresh sea air brushes against my cheek,
I am grounded,
I am here,

                        (written by me)

Why do it?
  1. You're surrounded by the Earth's natural beauty and sound.
  2. The uneven surface of the sand improves your muscular strength and balance.
  3. The sand is a softer fall so you needn't worry about falling!
  4. There's a great number of sensations to bring you into the moment, to ground you.
  5. Quite simply, being outdoors is good for the mind, body and soul.

See you at the beach!

Lucy Steel

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