Winter's Wonders.

With short daylight hours and cold, wet weather it's no wonder we're not as upbeat and motivated in Winter as we are in the warmer, brighter months but I'm about to share with you the beauty of this time of year.

Fresh, sharp mornings.
Robins hopping from branch to branch.
A dusting of frost covering the lawn.
The crunch of a crisp leaf underfoot.
A bitter breeze brushing your cheek.
Tingling noses and fingers.
A foggy winter haze above a lake.
The warmth of a hot drink in your hands whilst walking through a cold forest.
A blanket of snow.
Blizzard under a glowing amber street light.
Woolly knitted jumpers.
Fireworks with family.
Christmas lights.
Sunrise and sunset.
Pom pom hats.

Take some time to appreciate the beauty of the moment you're in. See the wonders of Winter right before your eyes.

Lucy Steel

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