Alphabet Yoga - U to Z

Finally, after a few weeks delay (due to a busy schedule) I'm bringing you the last of my A to Z yoga poses - better late than never, right?

U - Upward One Legged Half Lotus

How to: Sitting down in staff pose, bring your left leg across into half lotus. Holding your right leg, fold the body. Bring your leg towards your chest.

V - Vrksasana (Tree pose in its sanskrit name)

How to: Starting in Mountain pose, lift your left leg and place the foot on the inner right thigh. Push your bent leg backwards whilst bringing your arms together above your head.

W - Wheel

How to: Lying in corpse pose, bend your knees, bringing your feet close to your bum. Bring your arms towards either side of your head, palms on the floor, fingers pointing towards your shoulders. Push up into your arms and hold. I did a leg variation in this pose. You can work on a lot of different variations once you've cracked the basic wheel pose.

X - X Shaped Lucy? 

OK, so at X I really begun to struggle so I figured I'd just make my body into the shape of an X which as you can see is pretty straight forward. Although be aware of how you hold your body, when you think you're symmetrical on both sides you may not be, it might be a good idea to check in front of a mirror.

Y - Yogic Sleep Pose

Although it's not quite there yet, as my feet need to be resting behind my neck without my arms assisting, I love this pose.
How to: Starting in corpse pose, fold your body, bringing your legs towards your chest. Work on pushing the legs back to be able to fold and crossing your legs behind your head. As you can see though, I'm still working on the crossing of my legs behind my neck.

Z - Zzz (Corpse Pose)

Corpse pose is a pose anyone can do. If you just need some relaxation then this is the pose.
How to: Lie down on your back, legs spread apart naturally, arms lay down beside you, palms can face up or however you like. Close your eyes and just breathe. Stay for as long as you want. Just be in the moment.

I've really enjoyed this challenge I've set myself, I'm hoping to do maybe another soon!


Lucy Steel

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