York - Places to see and eat!

Libby and I visited York last week for a little day trip for her birthday.  Beforehand, like I did when we went to Edinburgh, I created a map and put all the places of interest on for us so that we wouldn't get lost. (when I say 'we' I mean 'I' - I'm terrible with Geograprahy!)
I'm going to talk you through our day, which means tell you about where we stopped for coffee and such and of course how we spent our time.

We got there and were met with the freezing weather, so after heading into the centre of York from the train station we stopped off for coffee at Brew and Brownie. To my delight they stock almond milk, so I opted for an almond milk latte, whilst Libby went for a cappuccino. Absolutely wonderful coffee with a lovely interior - shame it's quite far for me to travel just for a coffee. They also do gluten free options too. Gluten free bread for sandwiches and gluten free treats to go alongside your cuppa.

The coffee, providing us with warmth and caffeine after an early get up, got us feeling more alert and ready for our day as we headed on to York Art Gallery. We popped in and entered an exhibition called 'Flesh.' I love to see how one specfic thing can be displayed and interpreted in so many ways. It really opened my eyes, especially one piece, I wish I could remember what it was called but my memory is very poor. It was a painting of a woman a few hundred years ago, painted exactly how she was. Curves, bumps and bulges - no image manipulation, no slimmed in waists or spotless skin, just a person, exactly how she is. Isn't that what art is? The beauty of nature, The beauty of Life?  Not how much we can photoshop a woman to be shown in a way that isn't even humanly possible? No wonder body confidence is hard to conquer in this day and age. Anyway, stopping myself here before this turns into a little bit of a rant about how women are represented in the media!

We strolled down the wonderful, old, cobbled streets and found ourselves a bit peckish, we turned a corner and guess what we saw? Double Dutch Pancake House with a sign outside saying vegan and gluten free pancakes available - I was straight in! We sat down and ordered - as soon as I saw 'PB&J' I knew what I was having. Libby ordered 'Go Nuts.'

Oh how wonderful they were! I couldn't believe they had vegan ice cream as well as vegan chocolate buttons as a finish touch. I would DEFINITELY recommend this. So wonderful they cater for all dietary needs.
It's a shame I get so excited when I see a restaurant or cafe offering gluten free, dairy free and vegan options because it shouldn't be that way. It should be normal and expected but there's so many times I've been somewhere and haven't found a single place that offered something for me to eat other than a jacket potato as the gluten free option!

After our pancakes we visited the abbey, walked along the shambles and I found some book shops...I may have bought a few books... I should really stop as I have over 500 books now!

We had a lovely stroll along the riverside where we came across a cafe under Lendal Bridge called The Perky Peacock we stopped for a tea break in this cosy spot to warm us up then continued along the river. It was lovely, being somewhere new, taking in the sounds of a different city, seeing the locals passing by, feeling the cold air brushing against my face whilst being thankful to be happy and healthy to be in the place that I am.

We ended our day at Zizzi with a pizza. They do a wonderful gluten free base and dairy free cheese. I would recommend it if you have certain food allergies and intolerances. It's one good pizza!

So that's all for now, I'm off to Glasgow this Friday so expect a write up of the places we ate and saw there!
Hope you find my post useful if you're heading to York any time soon!

Lucy Steel


  1. Those pancakes look amazing!

    Cat x

  2. Love York and those pancakes look totally delicious!! cat (here come the hoopers)