"Time to Talk Day"

It’s ‘Time to Talk’ day today. I’m pleased that there are more days related to mental health but in reality every day should be a day you’re able to talk about your mental health without the stigma attached. As much as I wish that I could cure everyone out there of whom are suffering from a mental illness - because it is awful, it is soul destroying and it is difficult to get out of bed and see the reason to keep fighting - in a way you are lucky. You’re lucky because once you go through it, you understand yourself more, you understand what’s important and what’s not, you understand life better. To feel the best, you’ve got to be at your worst at some point. It’s that comparison that allows us to live a meaningful life. Without two opposite ends of the spectrum how could you relate anything, how could you be certain about how you feel? You’ve got to go through hell and keep going until eventually you see the light and you see the reason you kept fighting for so long.
Now you’re probably thinking ‘what does Lucy know about mental health?’ Well, what I know is that I’ve had my fair share of mental health problems so far in my life and yes it’s been awful but you know what? I’m a much better person because of all that I’ve been through. I’m glad that it happened and that I could become the person I am today. Don’t be ashamed of you how you feel, don’t be ashamed to stand up and say ”I suffer from a mental illness.” But work on being able to say “I’m beating a mental illness” and then “I’ve beat a mental illness.”

Conversations can change lives so talk to someone, don’t let the illness beat you, you’ve got to stand up and fight back.

Lucy Steel

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