Alphabet Yoga - Q to T

As we're nearing towards the end of the alphabet it's starting to get a little trickier with poses. As you can see I had to go with a few quad stretches for Q instead of an actual pose beginning with the letter, never mind!

Q - Quad stretch poses
1)  Crescent lunge

Starting in mountain pose, take your left leg to the back of your mat, turn your hips around to face forward. Ground the right foot, holding the right knee at a 90 degree angle, you will feel the stretch in your quads. Bring your arms up either side of your head. Repear with the other leg.

2) Frog pose

Lying on your front, bend your knees, lift your chest whilst reaching back to hold your toes, pulling them towards your thighs. Only go as far as you can until you feel a mild stretch.

R - Royal Pigeon
Another pose I've progressed into since the start of my yoga practise is royal pigeon. Doing more backbends and practising with my wheel has brought my progress on a lot recently.
How to: start in a downward dog, lift your left leg and bring it forward to the front of your mat, placing your knee to the outer edge of the mat, the left toe in front of the right leg (that is lay flat on its front). Reach back with your right arm, bending your leg so your foot meets your hand. Balancing, let your left arm also meet your right foot and hold it. Lift up through your chest whilst bringing your foot closer to your head. Do not compress your lower back, lift up, don't just pull back. Repeat on the other side.

S - Side Crow
How to: Start in chair pose, take a deep breath in and twist your upper body round to your left. Once you're there, bring your hands down to the mat,holding the knees together, rest your left outer thigh on your right tricep. Lift up your legs whilst pushing into the ground with your arms. Repeat on the other side.

T - Tortoise

How to: Sit down on your mat with your legs straight out in front. Move your bum cheeks out the way so you're on your sit bones. Inhale, and lift forward into your forward bend. Lift back up, taking the legs out wider than your mat, bend forward again and take your arms under your legs.
I love this pose, it really grounds me and also makes me look like I'm kissing my mat...maybe I am....

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Lucy Steel

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