Alphabet Yoga - M to P

Hello fellow yogis! I've had quite a few days off from posting my alphabet yoga poses and I tell you why, I've been working on 'noose.' A couple of weeks ago I couldn't do it at all but with practise, adding spinal twists into my yoga routine, I'm closely getting there and more importantly am happy to show you my progress.

M - Monkey

One of my favourite poses. I still remember the first time I managed to do this - I didn't even know I could, but with the rest of my poses I'd been doing I'd been working the leg muscles to be able to do this. I remember the look on Libby's face when she turned her head and saw me all excited because of it.
How to: It's important only to do this if you do a lot of leg work in your practise, as if you do it when you're not ready, you will hurt yourself. I worked up into being able to do this through low lunges, kneel and hamstring - those kind of poses. Take kneel and hamstring further and further each time until it's comfortable to sit into it, to settle in to your splits.

N - Noose

This tricky pose I've been working on for weeks! I think it's down to the lack of spinal twists I do, although I do think I might actually have short arms and that's the problem - who knows!
How to: Coming into a low squat, bring your knees together whilst twisting your chest around to the left. Hook your right arm under you legs, whilst taking the left arm back and round to meet it. I recommend holding a strap between your hands, unless you have super long arms! Repeat this on the other side.

O - One-legged Wheel

How to: Lying on your back, push your hips up so you're doing 'Bridge.' If that feels comfortable, place your hands beside your head, palms on the floor with you hands pointing down. Using your upper body, push yourself up into a wheel - also like a crab pose you may have done when you were little. Once in wheel, making sure your right foot is grounded, lift your left leg and hold it for a few breaths.
If wheel is uncomfortable for you, you can also do one-legged bridge - just lift one leg up at a time.

P - Pigeon

How to: I use a wheel to get into this pose at the minute so I'll talk you through that way. Kneeling down, I place the wheel behind me and slowly lie back against the wheel, grabbing the other side of the wheel with my arms. Once there, I then grab my toes and press my elbows into the ground.

Lucy Steel

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