Review: Northern Juice

My friend Rebecca, and I were walking along the lovely cobbled street that is Bridge Street, and stumbled upon a new juice place called Northern Juice. We had a look in and saw all the wonderful NGCI (no gluten containing ingredients) and Vegan treats they had to offer as well a range of rainbow coloured juices. We'd just been for a coffee but made a vow to come back here next time.

It was early afternoon, we'd strolled around Newcastle for a bit, then made our way to Northern Juice. On this chilly day, I opted for a golden turmeric latte with a raw brownie.

 Rebecca went for a matcha latte and got some salted caramel peanut truffles.

I've always wanted to try a turmeric latte, as I'm a huge fan of turmeric but I've never found somewhere that offers them, so when I saw this on the menu I knew I just had to have it. It's made with almond milk, spiced with turmeric, ginger and cinnamon, sweetened with a medjool date. It was wonderfully warming and moreish. The brownie as well, I started it thinking 'yeah, I'll probably have half'... nope - I devoured the whole piece, rather messily I must say too - crumbs everywhere. Made primarily with dates and nuts, the brownie is vegan and very wholesome. I've got to say, it filled me up a whole lot more than your average cakey brownie would. Fuelled with nutritious goods I felt wonderful afterwards. Rebecca gave the same reviews on her drink and truffles too. 

Northern Juice have recently just brought out a range of vegan and vegetarian lunches too, and with it being Vegan Restaurant week this week, you should get yourself along to make use of their fab deal. Grab something wholesome to eat along with a drink, either a juice, a smoothie or something warming for only £5!

Whether you're vegan, unable to tolerate certain food groups or simply just wanting to be a little healthier, this place is a must visit. 
I shall leave you with a picture of me enjoying my wondeful turmeric latte and yes those crumbs on the table are off me and my brownie...

Lucy Steel


  1. Hey gal! Where abouts is Northern Juice in Newcastle? X

    1. In the alley to the right of Blakes! It's close to Laneway coffee :)