Alphabet Yoga - A to D

I'd been doing some research into yoga poses and my Dad said to me "you could do a pose for each letter of the alphabet." So my plan was to either find 26 different poses beginning with each letter of the alphabet or to put myself into the actual shape of the letters. I went with the first idea, the latter seemed a bit more complex but I'm hoping to work on that and bring you that soon.

There's so many to chose from and of course varying difficulties. I decided to go with my favourite poses, I will talk you through ways to modify the pose too.

So I bring you the first 4 poses. Poses A-D.

A - Arm Balance (Crow)

Yes, this one technically is crow pose but it's an arm balance anyhow and I love doing it.
How to: With your feet, shoulder width apart squat down into Garland's pose, toes facing outward. Slowly bring your hands to the ground in front of you, lift your hips up slightly, shifting your weight into your hands, bring your knees onto your triceps above your elbow and lift your feet off the ground. Your upper arms act as a shelf.
To simplify this you can rest your forehead onto a block, as the biggest fear in most when doing this pose is that you're going to face-plant. I can assure you that it's not as bad as you think, I haven't face-planted yet, but that comes with practice and trusting yourself.

B - Bow 

How to: Lie on your stomach, bend your knees and reach back with your hands to hold onto your ankles. Lift your chest up whilst pushing your ankles back against your hands. Only go as far as what feels comfortable. If you feel a nipping in your lower back then ease off a little.

C - Camel

How to: On your mat kneel down, with your knees hip width apart. Place your hands on your lower back, the palms at higher with your finger tips against the top of your buttocks. Have a bend in the elbow, squeeze the elbows together, making your chest lift up. If it feels comfortable tip your head back. To take it further place your palms on to the sole of your feet. to take it even further still bring your hands to the bend in your knee. Remember again, do not push yourself into this pose as it'll only bring back pain, go slowly.

D - Dancer

How to: Start in mountain pose, ground your left foot into the mat, bend your right leg, holding the ankle behind you with your right hand. Slowly begin to lift your right leg back and up away from the torso. Stretch your left arm out in front to help the balance. The more you do this pose, the straighter you'll be able to get your back leg. It's important in this pose not to compress the lower back so only lift your leg up as far as what feels comfortable.

Lucy Steel

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