Alphabet Yoga - I to L

Time for my alphabet yoga poses this week. I'm doing letters I to L.

I - Inversion (Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff pose)

An inversion in yoga is any pose where the head is below the heart. I chose this pose as it's good for stretching the chest and abdomen as well as the thighs.
How to: I use my yoga wheel to get into this pose. Lying with my upper back on the wheel I slowly roll back and grab a hold of the wheel with both hands and balance on my elbows, whilst straightening out my legs.

J - Janu Sirsasana in Hanumanasana (Sanskrit name for Head to Knee pose in Monkey pose)

How to: After you've warmed up and you're ready, get yourself into splits, once there reach up with both arms while taking a breath in, exhale and lift your chest down to your leg. I like doing my head to knee pose this way as I benefit from it more. However to do a simple head to knee, sit with your legs extended out in front of you, bring the right foot on to the inner left thigh, once there, lift and bend down to your leg.

K - King Pigeon

How to: In downward facing dog, lift up your right leg, bring it forward to the front of your mat so that your right leg is bent, your lower leg horizontal in front of you, your right foot in front of your left leg. Taking your left leg back so the left thigh is touching the floor. Lifting up the left foot, reach back with your head and hands.

L - Lotus

How to: Cross your legs but have your legs resting on your thighs instead of the floor.
You can also do this in your shoulderstand.

Lucy Steel

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