Alphabet Yoga - E to H

 Today I bring you yoga poses beginning with letters E to H!

E - Eagle

How to: Standing in mountain pose, ground your left foot, lift your right leg up onto the left and squat slightly, if you can, curl your foot behind your left leg again. Rest your right elbow into the crease of your bent left elbow, bring your left hand infront of your right arm and place your palms together. Then do the same on the other side!
In this pose, if I'm feeling particularly grounded, I like to balance my weight onto my toes and hold it there.

F- Firefly

Firefly is a pose I've progressed into, it's not one for beginners as it incorporates strength, balance and flexibility all in one.
How to: Start off in a garland's pose, place your hands behind your feet, whilst tucking your arms in between the bend in the back of your knee. Slowly begin to shift your weight back onto your hands. Once you're there, keep your arms straight but not locked out and begin to straighten out the legs.

G - Grasshopper

So I have two for G, just simply because I couldn't pick between the two! Grasshopper first of all, was one of those poses I thought I'd never be able to do, I didn't have the strength to hold myself up, I couldn't twist my body around enough but here I am, doing it.
How to: Start off in chair pose, bring your right leg and rest it above the left knee. Take your arms into prayer and twist the body to the left placing the foot of your right leg onto your right tricep. Once here begin to move your hands towards the floor, shoulder width apart, whilst keeping your foot on your tricep. When you've grounded your hands lift your weight into you arms and straighten that left leg out to the right. Then repeat on the other side.


I love doing this one to really stretch out the inner thighs and I also find myself deeply centred and content in this pose. 
How to: Take your feet out wide, facing outwards, slowly take it into a deep squat, keeping your knees over your feet. Constantly push your knees back to straighten out your legs. Have your arms wherever you like, prayer position, out to the side or like me in gyan mudra.

H - Hand to Toe

Again, for this letter I have two. The first one is hand to toe.
How To: Standing in mountain pose take hold of your left toe with your left hand, slowly lift it out to the side, feeling a stretch in your hamstrings.


The headstand is a pose I've always always wanted to do, a pose I've tried to do for a long time and envied those who could actually hold it. So, when my yoga teacher gave me tips and pointers and had me doing a headstand right there in the practice I was so pleased with myself. It was a big moment for me both mentally and physically. I have a lot to work on in this pose so I therefore don't feel I can tell anyone how to do it but it's becoming one of my favourites to do each time I practise so I felt the need to include it in my A-Z.

Lucy Steel

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