Festive Highs...and Lows

The delicious smell of cooking turkey drifting up your nose,
The rustling and ripping sound of presents echoes
Through the house as gifts are greeted with smiles
and grateful eyes shine meanwhile
the homeless are hungry and poor,
as we receive newer
versions of the latest technology.

The touch of your new dressing gown against your skin,
the taste of the chocolates out of that circular tin.
The warmth you feel inside and out
is the best moment without a doubt.
Whilst it can be said this period isn't the best
for those sad, worried and stressed
about the anxieties Christmas may bring.

The twinkling lights of the tree creating a perfect atmosphere
Family chatting, joking, adding to the Christmas cheer.
The bottle of prosecco goes down
after we put on our party crown.
We eat and drink with whom are around 
whilst taking a moment to remember,
those who are unfortunately not here.

I wrote this poem as, while some of us are lucky and have the warmest and most pleasant times with our family at Christmas, there are people out there who don't necessarily have the same experience. Some unfortunately homeless, some of us mentally or physically ill, some of us dealing with loss and much more too.
There are a lot of emotions to be felt at Christmas, negative as well as positive, but as a wise man once said 'No Mud, No Lotus', in other words, you've got to have the negatives to appreciate the positives.

The biggest emotion for me this Christmas has to be the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for the position I'm in, to be healthy, happy and homed whilst being surrounded by the most amazing, supporting friends and family I could have ever hoped for.
To me, Christmas isn't all about buying your loved one the most expensive gift or the latest piece of clothing that's 'on trend.' I put a lot of thought into my gifts rather than money this year and felt I received more out of it. It's strange actually isn't it? How from giving gifts I received such satisfaction, more so than opening the gifts I received myself - the gifts that I loved and appreciated all so much!
It's only through experiencing difficult times I've came to realise that it's the people around the tree not the presents under the tree that matter.

I hope you can take a moment to think about what I've said and maybe have a think what emotions you're feeling this Christmas time. 

Lucy Steel

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