The Allergy and Free From Show

The Allergy and Free From Show was in Liverpool this weekend. Due to my dietary needs, I popped along with my parents and brought Libby along too. 
The show is set in a large hall filled with stands and stands of exhibitors, most of them giving out tasters of free from foods to let you at least try before you commit to buying.With each exhibitor's stand there were friendly staff around to help you and guide you to what you needed. There wasn't just food however, there were different skin care products, consultant experts and cookery classes going on too! There was everything from raw chocolate and artisan breads to cookware to IBS consultants. Whatever allergy or intolerance you have, I can say quite confidently that there would have been help and advice for you there. 

I came to this very event last year and I've noticed the progress some companies had made into the free from industry in just 12 months. I do believe some cause of this progression has came from people cutting out gluten due to lifestyle choices and not particularly due to a dietary need. I feel as though gluten free and dairy free foods are becoming more of a fad now however I am glad that people, companies and even restaurants are becoming more aware of allergies and intolerances as I can't consume milk and wheat and know how difficult it can be to find something available to eat. In my opinion though, these events are extremely useful and help to increase awareness of  different allergies and intolerances. 

Adam's Fresh Chocolate
Delicious Alchemy

I came home with numerous bags of goodies to try and will be reviewing them in the next few weeks. Overall I had a really good time, and I feel events like these are very much appreciated.
If you've missed out this time don't worry as the show will be back next year! For more information look on their website. 


Lucy Steel

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