My Exciting Edinburgh Escapade

Urghh, I thought to myself as I stretched and pulled my duvet up to my chin after I was awoken by my 5.30am alarm. Why did I book a 7.24am train? Well, the answer was to have a wonderful day in Edinburgh with Libby of course! We wanted a full day there and figured that it was a reasonable time to drag ourselves out of bed...
I'd baked cookies the night before for us to snack on whilst on our journey north. The cookies that I feel are my signature bake and cannot give out the recipe as I'm too proud of, my favourite cookies... Maybe one day I'll share. Just maybe.

Due to delays we arrived at 10am and made our way to Moon and Hare. I'd read about it before I went and knew that we just had to have brunch there. They have a wide variety on their menu, everything being gluten free, with dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options too. I have to be honest, my main reason for going there was for the waffles that are gluten free AND vegan. I was so excited the whole way there and I tell you what, they did not disappoint, they were glorious. I chose an oat milk flat white to wash them down with. I was very impressed with the amount of dairy free milks they provided - almond, oat, rice and hazelnut - as opposed to what I've found elsewhere in many other cafes only offering soya as their dairy free option.

After we pretty much inhaled those waffles, we moved along. Going down towards the centre of Edinburgh we found quite a few nice independent shops that I would definitely recommend going to. It might just be me but I prefer to go to the unique, independent shops as opposed to the popular, high street ones that you could go in any time, anywhere. I'd much rather support the local businesses and help them grow. It just feels a bit more personal and I get more out of it. I found some great things as I was shopping but some are Christmas presents which I obviously could not share.

One of my favourite buys from the whole day was a new phone case that I bought from Get Etch'd in a market on the Royal Mile. As soon as I saw the stall I knew straight away what I wanted. What else would it be other than 'No Mud, No Lotus' etched onto a wooden case, with a little lotus flower on too. I worked with the guy (I wish I could remember his name - sorry!) and he designed it exactly how I wanted it. You could then watch the machine etch your design into your product. It fascinated me, it only took ten minutes too, which didn't seem that long anyway due to the guy being really chatty and enthusiastic about his work. It was perfect for us too, as we had more places to get around so couldn't be waiting long.

I decided that this was going to be an early Christmas present for myself. I absolutely love it, 'No Mud, No Lotus,' I feel, is starting to imprint it's way more and more into my life, i's almost etched into my brain. No, that was a poor etching joke... I do apologise.

We stopped off at a few other places. Hula, on Victoria Street (a really pretty street), we got tea and cake to keep us going for a bit after our trek up to the castle and refuelling the energy that I had used to carry all my books I'd purchased from Armchair Books, a fabulous second hand book shop that you absolutely NEED to visit, if like me, you have a thing for books.

Now, onto the best part - the Christmas market - the reason we came to Edinburgh! Libby and I had booked this day trip away a couple of months ago as a treat to ourselves after a pretty rough year we've both had. Sometimes I feel like booking a trip, having something to look forward to really does keep you motivated and keep you going. This was our way of rewarding ourselves and just appreciating things and it really did that down to a T.
We headed for the Christmas market in the early evening, to give it the atmosphere that was needed.We both got a hot toddy to keep us warm whilst we worked our way around the stalls as the sharp, cool evening wind was reddening our cheeks. Hygge indeed.
We then took a ride on the Ferris Wheel, allowing us to see the whole of Edinburgh lit up. It was beautiful.
Both of us, throughout the day, were just in the moment. I didn't want to be constantly on my camera snapping away or being on social media. The best days are those that you're wrapped up in the moment with the people you're with. I had a wonderful time, so thanks Libby for coming along and putting up with me too!

Have you ever been to Edinburgh at Christmas time?

Lucy Steel


  1. great post Lucy I love the Edinburgh Christmas markets ☺️

    1. Me too! Next year I may have to try a different place!