Food Review: City Tavern

Yesterday my sister, (Tasha) and I went along to City Tavern in Newcastle to check out the menu.

We entered the tucked away pub, just off Northumberland Street, and I instantly loved the interior (this may be due to the books scattered around). The upstairs is more for meals and sitting down. The downstairs has a very homely feel to it. I walked in and honestly was blown away, It just felt so welcoming, I could imagine it at Christmas or New Year's Eve, everyone gathered round in this lovely warm environment.
Normally I'd not think of a pub as a place I'd go for food, especially needing a gluten and dairy free menu, I'd tend to go for the more wellknown places for food just as I feel it's 'safer'.

I was most pleasantly surprised. The menu clearly labelled what was gluten free, vegan and vegetarian. I was rather impressed by the amount of choice. Normally I go somewhere and there's one or two options of a gluten free meal and I've got to go with one of them.  I do feel like it's a shame that I get excited about places that actually do gluten free as most of the time places don't and it's just the norm to offer a jacket potato as a gluten free option - very poor in my opinion. But at City Tavern there was so many gluten free options I was blown away.

First of all, drinks! They have a huge range! 60 gins they offer, along with whiskys, rum, wine and more! I went for butler's lemongrass and cardamom gin and tonic...yes this was at lunch time but is it ever too early for a G&T?

I decided, after a long while of pondering, to go for a pulled pork open sandwich (opting for the gluten free bread they offer.) It came with fries, a slaw and a salad. I tell you, it definitely did not disappoint!

 Tasha, went for a home-made fish finger sarni, with hand cut chips and salad. I saw it and almost wished I'd gone for that! It looked so much better than any of my home-made fish finger sarnis! They offer a gluten free version of this time I know what I'm having!

Although we went for lunch and had sandwiches we felt obliged to have dessert - I'm almost certain my sister and I have a dessert stomach! (And yes that's a real thing!)
Tasha picked a vanilla cheesecake and I chose the gluten free brownie. That brownie was the fudgiest brownie I've ever tasted. I could not get enough of it! It was warm too - just melted in the mouth - amazing!

The portion sizes are unbelievable and such good value for money. You will not leave this place hungry! That's if you want to leave!
I love the fact that the menu offer a range of foods too. Don't just think because it caters for vegans and other dietary requirements that there won't be something for 'normal' people because it does. That's what I think is so good about this place - the fact that a whole variety of people can eat here.
It's so delicious and I think the interior makes it feel so at home and cosy. That really adds to the whole experience.
I would recommend this to everyone, even more so to those with certain dietary requirements. They cater for everyone.
Overall, amazing! Get yourself down to City Tavern, take a right past Primark and you will see this magical place tucked away.

And one last important thing, I think I found one of the best quotes in there too!

Do check out City Tavern!


Lucy Steel


  1. How quick are you, getting this up so quickly! We are definitely going back though, there's so much more to try on the menu! x

  2. I know Tasha! Well done for getting this up so fast! Lucy this food looks absolutely amazing! Serious my mouth is watering!